EAJ provides assistance to travelers requiring medical attention while traveling abroad. Through contact with local physicians and medical institutions, EAJ coordinates the delivery of care to travelers affected by illness or injury.
Corporate Assistance Services
Corporate Assistance Services are designed to better ensure the safety and wellbeing of expatriate employees and their families working for corporations, governmental agencies, and other institutions active overseas. These services include everything from surveys of local health conditions and recommended immunizations, health examination arrangements, and coordination of medical care in the event of illness or injury.
Assistance for Students Studying Abroad
Service packages for students studying abroad include medical assistance, location assistance (in the event that the student goes missing), and other services lending support with the practical aspects of living in a foreign culture.
Assistance to Foreign Patients Seeking Treatment in Japan
EAJ assists foreign patients seeking medical treatment in Japan by matching them with the appropriate Japanese institution and by providing support during every stage of their travel and therapy.