Our friends at Fields has provided us with a great detox recipe for you to try over the Chinese New Years holiday. 

Top Detox Tips from FIELDS, Your Trusted Online Grocer

Detoxing is one of the best ways to clear your body of holiday toxins and remain healthy in polluted environments, such as China’s mega cities. It’s a process aimed at eliminating all the negative effects on our body (and minds) from industrial chemicals, pesticides, additives in our foods, cigarette smoke, pollutants, and heavy metals. As well as aiding weight loss, the benefits of detoxing also include a stimulated immune system, enhanced hormonal system, and reduced dependency on substances such as caffeine or alcohol. Read more.

 Try FIELDS healthy berry smoothie
·         ½ cup of frozen Strawberries·         ¼ cup of frozen Blueberries
·         ¼ cup of frozen Cranberries
·         ¼ cup of frozen Raspberries
·         1 tbls of FIELDS Raw Almond Butter
·         1 tbls of Honey
Put all ingredients in a blender; add almond butter and honey. Blend until smooth.