WorldPath Clinic International took part in the 6th Annual Family Day at Sunshine stadium of Bi Yun international community. “Family Day” attracted families from different countries with different cultural background. Every family had the opportunity to participate in various family games and contests, which made the day an unforgettable one for those who attended. The first outdoor “Family Day” was held in 2004, and since then such event has always seen a lot of improvements. This year’s day has proved to be the biggest international family party in Shanghai. WorldPath Clinic International, took part in this event and it’s motto for the day was “Your Health in Focus”. The Clinic’s cartoon figure, Dr WorldPath proved to be a popular figure amongst the many children who were present. The children were delighted to receive a gift, especially thought for them presented by Dr WorldPath.



Crowded event scene


How popular our Dr.Worldpath is 



Come on, let's play football



Hello, shake hand!! 



Children are enjoying their drawing