Have you always wanted to remove those acne scars that stalk your face since adolescence, but never knew how?

Not to worry, WorldPath is offering a free facial laser treatment that will take care of those unwanted blemishes quickly and easily.  

WorldPath’s eMatrix system provides noticeable results with minimal downtime and quick treatments for you to resume your normal activities. 
The laser treatment can improve all of your worries including: 
- Wrinkles     - Acne Scars    - Textural Irregularities  
  - Skin laxity    - Scaring          - Superficial Skin Lesions

This is a great opportunity to feel fresh and young! 

Offer last from September 1st to October 31st  2013
Please refer to this promotion when scheduling
your appointment. 

To schedule your appointment simply email info@worldPathclinic.com  or Call 2020 7888