WorldPath Clinic is now offering 50% off 4D Breast Ultrasound 
Original Price – 1000 RMB 
Discounted Price – 500 RMB 

Worldwide, breast cancer has become the second biggest killer to women’s health next to lung cancer. Each year 1.2 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer and 500,000 die from it. Breast cancer is rising yearly in China, which is highest in Shanghai. Don’t let yourself become a statistic, get informed and get tested!

Routine breast screenings are imperative to reducing your risks of breast cancer!
Four-dimensional (4D) mammasonography is the most recent development in breast ultrasound imaging providing additional aspects to conventional two-dimensional (2D) sonography. 4D ultrasound offers almost real time 3D rendered image information and is taken as a basis of multidimensional imaging of the breast.
Women over 30 should have a breast screening each year. The 4D Ultrasound is easy to operate, no radiation, and can be repeated.

Are you at high risk of breast cancer?  If so, you should go and make an appointment immediately to have a 4D mammograms breast screening.

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Offer ends Feburary 28th 2014
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