WorldPath Clinic International is committed to providing comprehensive and compassionate medical care to children and their families. We provide quality newborn, pediatric and adolescent healthcare with an emphasis towards patient education and community involvement. Our team of physicians, nurses and specialized pediatric health care professionals offer physicals, immunizations, nutrition and diet counseling, development guidance, child safety education, assistance with family dynamics, infant care education and breastfeeding support. We understand what interests’ children and most importantly what helps them heal, that is why we designed our health care center to be comfortable, colorful and soothing for children with a play area and kids’ entertainment.
Our pediatric team understands cultural variation in child care both in health and in illness. We focus on offering highly personalized health care and supportive services for families unfamiliar with local health care practices in Shanghai. Our international team of consultants will ensure the provision of appropriate world class standards of care that will integrate seamlessly with the family's present and future home locations either in China or overseas.